Monday, July 2, 2007

July 4th Week - Writing and Reading

Well this week I plan to write and read. I have my synopsis all done and I tend to use it this go round. If plotting doesn't work for me, then I'm back to righting on a whim.

Well, what are we doing for the 4th, well we are going camping. First time in our travel trailer, should be fun. Then next week is the big RWA Nationals, whoo-hoo!!! Yes, I'm very excited.

Why? Well because I get to mingle with like minds. All writers know how it is at home. No one their to really share your goals and excitement about writing. I mean we share it, but it's not the same with someone who truly knows how it works. How truly hard writing can be. Some hubbies think it's just a fun hobby. Some think it's a mid-life crisis. Some just think we lost our minds. Well for me it is none of those. Writing is something I must do. I do it to release the story within me. I do it to improve my writing style. I do it because I have to. I want to.

Alright, enough about that. Now, I need to figure out which book I want to take with me camping to devour at night while the hubby is sleeping.... Hmm... JR Ward? Feehan? Kenyon? Too many choices...argh!!

Happy 4th everyone, be safe and have fun, enjoy our independence. Oh and I want to share my made-up book cover my web designer and I did. (him mostly I just picked out the girl)

Dawn Chartier

Fantasy on the Rocks!

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