Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Update on fast draft

Well, I pretty much revised 3 chapters (as you can see I didn't say write), I already had 3 chapters written, so I tweaked them and added more depth into my characters. (I probably wrote 10 pages total) I added more depth to my first sex scene as well. It's much better if I can say so myself. So I've started on Chapter 4 tonight, and hope to finish it by tomorrow.

I find my writing is still improving, but I still have a hard time with POV. I head hop too much. I'm really bad for wanting both my hero/heroine to have equal amount of time in my scenes. It sucks having to decide who is more important. I think they are both equal.

I finished listening to Steven King on writing, but one of the cassettes broke #5. Now I have no idea what I missed. I found him to be very interesting. Did you know he almost died after being hit by a van? Yep. He's been through hell and back poor guy.

I also skimmed inside a book called "Show, don't tell". (or something like that). I plan to read the whole thing, just haven't had time yet. (I'm writing!)

Okay, on a more serious note. Today Dr. Pou was aquitted (sp?). You don't know how much it means to me and all people in the medical field to have this happen. Dr. Pou is a wonderful doctor, a wonderful person. No one knows the crap she went through in that hospital, and after the ordeal of patients dying around her with no air, no electricity, no help for 4 days, having been accused of murder.... I couldn't imagine being in her shoes.... Doctors around the world were waiting to hear the outcome, some would leave New Orleans and never come back if the outcome was bad. We are already tons short in the medical field, this would have devastated us even more. --- Okay, I've ranted a little which I try not to do often, but this was important to me and New Orleanians.. (you'd have to live here to totally understand).... This was a giant step for us in a positive way, finally!

Back to writing Voodoo Style...
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