Sunday, July 8, 2007

Not sure why but my title doesn't work today. The title is Word Painting.
This book was recommended to me by Lori Handeland. Word Painting by Rebecca McClanahan is a guide to writing more descriptively.
This is the book I will be bringing with me to RWA Nationals, which I plan to dig into on the very short plane ride. I bought a few other books Lori recommended which haven't arrived yet, maybe I'll get them before I leave, but at least I have this one to start on.

People keep asking me if I'm excited. Of course I'm excited. Firsts are always very exciting. I even think my first rejection if/when I receive one will be exciting. It will make me official in some type of way.

Well I have several writer friends phone #'s, spoke to several authors who told me to come say Hello, and now I just need finish washing 4 loads of laundry from my camping trip by tonight so I can stuff my suitcase once again. Weeeeeeeeeeee..... Yep, I'm so happy.......... I just wanna learn!!! All the more the better......... I know all this will pay off and one day I'll get that book out there... When I do, I'll be screaming from the top of my house....hahaha....

Night all,
Dawn Chartier
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