Thursday, July 19, 2007

What I'm reading?

Since I've been back from Nationals I've been reading up on writing. Sounds strange don't it.
"The Writers Journey 2nd Edition - Mythic Structure For Writers" by Christopher Vogler", I'm really getting into this "how to" book as I call them. This is a practical guide of the Archetypes and also stages of the journey. It explains the different type of hero's/heroine's and the steps they mostly take. Example: Ordinary World, Call to Adventure, Refusal of the Call, and so on...I'm feeling educated.

I sure wish I would have read this two books ago. Oh well.

Another book I'm reading (no, make that listening to) is Stephen King's book of writing. That man is a trip. Seriously. He talks about his adventures in life and has he been through some major stuff, I had no idea. But, the important thing is I've learned from his stories. .

I haven't written much this week, my brain still hasn't arrived yet from Dallas, though my books have. I plan to work a bunch this weekend on Voodoo Style, and my goal is at least 30-40 pages. No problem...

So I hear there is a little buzz going around about a couple nice authors who dressed in mini-skirts. I was there, I don't see what the fuss is about. They were in costume, no biggie. They are promoting their characters or books or something, but whatever. Again, no biggie! To each their own is my motto. Hey Kenyon wore a swan hat, I loved it. Is their buzz going on about that?? If so, I'll help cause I love Kenyon. She's the sweetest author I know. I hope she and the other authors have a blast at comic-con, I wish I was going too. Growing up in my parents book store, I read tons of comics. All types. Good luck ladies, let the buzz ride...(cheap promo, haha)

This National was my first, and won't be my last. I say have the most fun you can, dress how ever you like, do what ever you like. (just don't hurt me, haha)... Now count down to Heather Graham's Conference in New Orleans, talk about costumes....

Dawn Chartier
Fantasy on the Rocks!

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