Sunday, July 22, 2007

Steven King

Picture from the Dallas conference. Top- Me, Sherrilyn Kenyon (love Sherri), and Dawn McClure, Middle pic is Me, Majorie Liu, Nikki Duncan and Dawn McClure. Bottom- Gina, Me, Dawn McClure and Nikki Duncan. (and hiding behind Dawn M with the shades on is J.R. Ward/Jessica Bird, who happened to win a Rita) How cool is that....

In my prior blog I mentioned I was listening to Steven Kings audio on writing.
I will recommend this to anyone that is a pantster like myself. And some of those that are not. I started thinking that something was wrong with me, because I couldn't plot for the life of me. And, when I did plot, my characters didn't like it. They wanted to take my story somewhere else. Not where I wanted it to go. So now hearing Steven King say plotting is not the only way to write, it makes me feel so much better... I can't quote him exactly, but he said something along the lines of, tell the story that comes out of you. Allow Freedom in your writing. Be honest. Tell the truth. Freedom to me is not having a plot figured out just yet. I know I want to take my characters on a journey, a growth of some kind that I can relate to. Then I love to twist them up in "what if?" situations, and see what happens to them.
No plotting for me. Freedom all the way!!! Yes!!!
You know learning to write is hard. And trying to figure out what advice to listen to is even harder.
I've been listening to everyone, do this and do that, and you shouldn't talk like this or like that... Blah!!! Enough already.... I'm learning my way, I know my grammar lacks, but guess what, I'm going to write a story for me. To entertain myself, and then I can only hope it entertains someone else too. That is me being honest. Thanks Mr. King. And thanks for those crit partners who told me this along time ago, but I was too green to understand it....

Dawn Chartier

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