Monday, July 23, 2007

Fast Draft starting today for me

Well, if you've been reading my blog, you are aware that my story GENUS was born from Fast Draft. Fast Draft was introduced to me by Candace Havens. It is a challenge where you write 20 pages per day for 2 weeks. (I know you are laughing or your eyes are bugging out, but it does work..I've done it.) 280 pages, a book!!! (after FD is over, then you can join in on Revision Hell, I've not done it the proper way, but next time I will) -- go to Candace Havens website (see right column for her web site if you want to join the fun)

This time though I'm starting a week early. My girls are with their father all week, which means I'll be very lonely (boo-hoo), so this is a great time for me to start. My fellow writers are starting next week. Okay, this will give me 7 extra days so when I do get my girls back, I'll be able to give them extra love and attention and take time off of fast draft and still be on track. (Am I cheating, well. . . yeah!) But, as long as I get er' done...right? Right!

Fast Draft is more to me than just writing a book in two weeks, it is a freedom of writing what ever the heck pops into my brain, I already know my story, but this will take me on journey of writing high or is that High Writing? Anywho, Fast Draft is more than just freedom to write, it is when our writer friends join together and keep each other accountable for our daily goals. We cheer each other on and then crack the whip when needed. (yahpow)...(look out slackers!)

Wish me luck! Lets hope Voodoo Style first draft will be completed in two weeks, ah that sounds awesome!!

Dawn Chartier

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