Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Going to miss TrueBlood...Bill, Sam and Sookie...

Tonight I watched True Blood on the DVR and I'm so upset that we have only one episode left. Where has the time flown? Seems like it just came back on since last years season...We'll it did. I think it started in July...they need more episodes per season for sure.

In last Sunday's episode I never laughed so hard at Tara's reply to her mama'. I can't remember it exactly, but it had something to do with the devil hiding in her mama's sunday church hat. Too funny. And Jason, is a riot. I laugh everytime I hear him talk. He's so serious with his saving the world attitude.

I mean, you can't take the show serious, its as funny as they come, and thats why I love it. I mean who ever heard of vampires playing Yatzee? (sp?)

Funny stuff. Mrs. Harris sure has a wonderful imagination when it comes to her characters.

Oh, well. Night everyone. p.s. Did you notice I spelled Hurricane wrong in my prior post? Well, yes I do know how to spell it, I just didn't hit the "e" button hard enough is all...(grin)........


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