Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It was an honor to know, Kate Duffy!

Only four years ago did I arrive at my first writers conference.

I had no clue about any of the publishing industy. (Still trying to figure some things out.)
Anyway, I remember there was a Query letter contest and I decided what better way to learn, right? Well, I had no idea the judge would be editor Kate Duffy, with Kensington.

Well, then my second mistake was I didn't realize there was a class with Kate and she was going over everyone's query letter and giving them advice. I ran down the hall and noticed she was still sitting there with a lady who was writing a book about a woman going through a divorce. I remember that moment like it was yesterday. I was probably shaking in my shoes.

I sat down and waited, hoping she wouldn't throw me out saying I was late. She didn't. Instead, she told me my query was runner up. After that I felt like I was on cloud nine. She still had lots to say about the query letter, and I still have that query marked up by her today. Then later I pitched my first book every written. She rejected it of course because I had every begginers mistakes through out my submission. Then I saw her again and again and again at different conferences.

Every time I pitched to her, she requested my ms, and she told me to keep on submitting to her, that I should never give up. My books will eventually be published she said. She even compared my voice to one of her own authors... Boy, did that make my day... I've since become friends with this author.

And every time I saw Kate, she remembered my name. She knew I was a Louisiana girl, and she told me about her family that lived here. She told me and others how she loved the Kite Runner, and her Kindle. It's why I bought both.

Thanks being you, Kate! You were one of a kind! Your wisdom and encouragement was priceless.

We will miss you.

I hope you have loads of wonderful books in heaven with you, and don't give them cute male angels too much trouble...

If you have your own Kate story, feel free to post it here.

Romance on the rocks!

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