Friday, May 4, 2007

Character Profiles

I've been thinking a lot about character profiles.
I was on this group who gave me a character profile chart to fill out for all my characters and I was stunned at all the questions it asked. It was very overwhelming.

I had no clue all this stuff was important to know.... then it dawned on me... It wasn't really all that important. Especially if it wasn't the Hero or Heroine. Of course it's good to know the basics, and a few tidbits, but really do you know everything up front? No, I think the characters reveal themselves a little at a time. At least mine do. I get to know them as I'm writing. Sure I can pick out their hair color, body features, favorite colors, but to truly know them is to put them in situations and watch them squirm, thats how I figure out what "type" my characters are.

Now this is just my thoughts on the subject, everyone has their own style, this is just what I'm learning as I go along. And, I haven't been writing very long, less than two years. But I pay close attention to what works for me and you should do the same... Don't force yourself to know your characters before the story has taken place or you'll have them do what you want, and not what they want. Understand?? Now if only I can grasp grammar (comma's) I'd feel much better.

Happy writing ya'll,
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