Thursday, May 17, 2007

New James Bond

I'm just curious what everyone thought of the new James Bond? The movie? The actor?

I'll give my opinion. I loved the movie and the actor. I found his role was more along the line of what I would think of a real secret agent to be like. He got dirty. He got mad. He didn't listen. He fell in love. He seemed more real to me in this movie then all the others before him.

I'll always love the prior James Bond movies and actors, but I just love this one more.

What's your thoughts?


Vivi Anna said...

HI Dawn, thought I'd coem on over from the FF&P loop and post.

I LOVED Daniel Craig as Bond. He brought a grittier, tougher character to the screen. As well as the storyline was grittier and meaner. I LOVED LOVED the movie. And am looking forward to more of him as Bond.

If you like him in that movie, go rent LAYERCAKE, it's a British gangster movie and it rocks! Plus you get to see his tushy.

Dawn Chartier said...

I totally agree. Thanks for stopping by.

Robin Snodgrass said...

I think Daniel Craig is awesome as Bond. Not to say that I don't like Pierce Brosnan because I do. But this last film definitely needed some fresh blood and Daniel Craig was perfect for the role. I really look forward to seeing more of him in the future in the Bond role (as well as others). I loved the fact that he got down in the pits and was rough and tumble. Not to mention, he's sexy as he**!

Querida said...

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