Friday, May 4, 2007


Anyone seen the movie "DEJAVU"? Well, I watched it tonight and I have to say it really intrigued me. I enjoyed it. A was so proud of the directors not making New Orleanian's sound like idiots as the movie industry usually does. We don't talk stupid like you saw in the movie many years ago called "The Big Easy"... We really don't... Denzel Washington did a wonderful acting job. So did the girl who was murdered. Not sure who she is, but she did great. Val Kilmer had a tiny role in this one, I was surprised about that. I'd like to have seen more of him.

Now what touched me about this movie were the scenes where they showed the houses moved from there foundations from Hurricane Katrina. It hit a nerve, a raw one that I thought healed. It hurt. My husband is in construction and said that area still looked that way. That hurt even more.

But I do want to say thanks to the producer Jerry Bruckheimer and director Tony Scott for reminding me, it hasn't gone away. I just bury myself from that area and try to forget when I shouldn't. Katrina gave me the courage to do what I've always wanted to do in life. To be free with my imagination and write stories. (only good thing from her)

I recommend Dejavu to anyone who likes para-normal, sci-fi, mystery, murder, and very light touch of romance.

Thanks for letting me share my review.
Dawn C

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