Monday, January 28, 2013

Jack Reacher Movie Review

I thought Jack Reacher would be like Broken City, but it wasn't.  This movie was so much better.
It had plot. It had motive. It had plenty of conflict.  It didn't have sex, but it had heat...I loved it.

And even though I'm not a big Tom Cruise fan, he still did an excellent job. Kuddo's to Tom! The man can act...

The movie starts off with a shooting of 5 "random" people (or at least that's what it seems), and the shooter is caught.  The evidence was laid out perfectly for the cops. And when the police start to interogate him, he writes, "Get Jack Reacher."

Well, they have no idea how to find Jack, but it didn't matter, Jack found them. Jack sees the bad guy on the news and knows him.  Knows they have the right guy or do they?

Jack hook's up with the defending attorney (she asks him to investigate for her), even though he just wants to prove that the shooter is guilty, (not what the atty wants) but then he starts piecing the puzzle together and things don't add up.  Now, the real bad guys start after Reacher, but Reacher is a little too smart for those clowns.  They also go after the atty. Reacher is a little sweat on the atty., so of course he helps her out...Reacher is a bad ass, but the kind you have to like...

I don't think I'm giving the movie justice with this review, and I won't spoil it either, so go and see it for yourself.  You'll be happy you did.  I'm giving this a 4 out of 5 Stars.  Oh, and don't forget to look for Lee Child, the author of the Jack Reacher series.  Child's plays the cop who hands Reacher back his belongings after he gets out of jail.

Review by Dawn Chartier  

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