Monday, August 20, 2007

3rd Attempt to blog

I'm not sure what happened yesterday but I tried to post twice, but it didn't work.
Now, I'm trying to remember what I blogged about...hmmm....

Okay, here's what I think I said.
1.) I'm almost done with writing Chapter 11 - Voodoo Style
2.) I published my first article in my local writers RWA chapter called The Last Word - SOLA. (that was fun)
3.) Saturday was SOLA's monthly meeting and we had a wonderful speaker. This lady could give you tons to help you add depth to your characters. She's a psychologist. "Margaret Nichols", and living in New Orleans post do the math....I could have listened to her for 2 more hours at least...too bad it was only 1 hr. Really, she had a very interesting speech and I'd love to hear her again.
4.) Heather Graham's New Orleans writers conference is coming up quickly...(and I'm still not complete with Voodoo Style (my book), it's coming, just not fast enough...yikes!

Ok, that's about it for now. Back to writing....

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