Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Page Count about 10

I actually forgot to count today, and I'm not sure what page I started on, I think I did about 10 pages today.

Long day at work so a little too tired to push myself harder. I had to stand outside in the 110 (felt like) temperature at a jobsite in Houma. Seriously, actual temperature was around 95. Can you say "HOT!!!"

I'm about done on Chapter 8, have about 12 chapters to go. Yikes! haha... Not bad, I should be complete the first draft in a few weeks....

Can't wait till HEATHER GRAHAM'S New Orleans Writers Conference, it's going to be a blast!! Last years was, this year will be even better.... Aug 30-Sept 1 (sign up if you haven't yet!) Come on down to New Orleans! (I promise to keep the voodoo away from you.-haha)


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