Friday, August 31, 2007

Heather Graham's Writers Workshop - NOLA

This weekend is the Heather Graham's Writers Conference in New Orleans.
This is the second conference Heather has had so for. But, this out of all of the conferences I've ever attended is my favorite one.

The first year is was small and cozy. I was honored to meet Heather, Christine Feehan, and Kate Duffy, editor, along with many other great authors. "Kathleen Pickering was a sweetheart, she made me and my sister feel very welcome, thanks Kathleen." And I got to meet a great friend Veronika... She flew down last night and I picked her up from the airport, I showed them a little of the Katrina damaged area, stuff you don't truly see on TV. Then brought them to the hotel. I can't wait for it to get started today...I here they have about 50 more registered than last year, but thats fine. The city needs the tourist spending their dollars.......

I'll report at the end of the weekend how it went.
p.s. I have (3) editors appts. to pitch my voodoo story. I'll also let you know about that too.


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