Sunday, August 19, 2007

Update of events

I'm not so happy right now. I thought I posted a new blog, and then went to view the 4 paragraphs I wrote, and they were not there.... That wasn't nice blogger!!!

Now I'll do a summary of everything cause I'm tired and ready for bed.
1.) Finishing up Chapter 11 of Voodoo Style.
2.) I wrote my first article in "The Last Word" Newletter for SOLA (Southern Louisiana Chapter of the Romance Writers of America, Inc. Chapter 42) The article is "My first RWA National conference".....I thought that was cool....
3.) I wanted to mention our guest speaker and a member of SOLA Margaret Nichols did a wonderful job on her speech. "Crazy for you: Adding a psychiatric dimension to your character", I could have listened to her for hours...
4.) Still listening to "Devil May Cry" by Sherrilyn Kenyon : Loving it!!! I saw it made #8 on Best Selling books!! You go girl!!!

That's about it for now...
Take care,

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