Sunday, August 19, 2007

Weather looking good / Writing okay too

So far the weather is looking pretty good for NOLA, seems Dean wants to visit Mexico, and maybe Texas. I pray for both of them. I know Texas doesn't need anymore rain at this point, and then nothing like Dean. Keeping everyone in my thoughts.

I wrote 10 new pages today. I'm about to complete Chapter 11. I'm liking where the story is taking me. A little romance, a little mystery, a little spooky, and little action. Nope can't write just about romance and paranormal, have to have it all....

Oh, just wanted to mention. I went to my local RWA meeting this Saturday and our great speaker was Margaret Nichols, she was great. Margaret is a Psychologist. I'd love to pick her brain, and I tried to, but so many people crowded her after the meeting it was impossible. Her speech was on "Crazy for you: Adding a psychiatric dimension to your characters." She talked about some serious psycho people. Great job Margaret! I hope you get to speak again one day.

What I'm reading right now? Well I'm listening to "Devil may cry" by my favorite author Sherrilyn Kenyon. I"m loving all the new things I'm learning from this book, so many answers to questions I've had.." Great job SK....

Bye for now.

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