Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Catch up --- Not as much...

Didn't catch up as I planned, but I'm not giving up.
Yesterday I fiddled with a query letter for a contest for Heather Graham's writers workshop.
Kate Duffy is the judge, and as everyone knows she's my idol. I respect her so much, she's been around long enough to know the business inside and out, and I totally admire that about her. So, anyway I worked on my query, I think it's directly to the point straight into the action like she likes it. Anyway wish me luck on the contest, would be great if she loved the story even if it doesn't win. I'm still on Chapter 9, but I'm going to bust my booty to get it completed by the time this conference comes. (First Draft, not polished). I can do it -- I can do it --- I can do it.....

Good luck to those in Fast Draft this week and next, may the writing gods be with you.(haha) Thanks again Candace Havens & Nikki Duncan for the free book, and for the valuable info on your website with the Fast Draft class....Awesome!!!


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