Friday, August 17, 2007

No Hurricane's for NOLA please

Ok, so Dean is now a hurricane, and I have to say he needs to stay his butt away from the gulf coast. Especially New Orleans / Mississippi area for sure. --- Dean you've been warned.

Now, I have to share a little fun news. My local RWA chapter is publishing a little article I wrote. I'm like oh wow. I'm being pubbed for the first time.. I've been joking with the friends sending them my article and saying I've made it... haha...only us writers truly get it...

I'm just about finished chapter 10, although I'm having a little sticky moment right now on what my character wants to do next...they are not giving too many hints, maybe they want me to be surprised too...ha.. oh well....after my RWA meeting tomorrow we shall see where they take me..

Night yall....Keep your eyes opened on mean Dean...

Dawn Chartier

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Debbie_D said...

Congrats on getting the article published! It must be so exciting! Keep at the characters, they have to tell you whats next. Can't wait to read it (Positive thinking here-- you will get published)