Thursday, August 2, 2007

Websites before you are published??

If you are playing around with the idea of creating a professional website before you are published, let me recommend you go for it. Reason number one is to show how serious you are about writing to the publishing industry. They get to see a little about you on the website. I think it's important that editors and agents know a little about you as you do about them. It's a relationship, no more like a partnership. Both wanting the same results. To sell lots of books.
They should like you and mesh well with your personality (at least most of it), and you with them. That is very important. Gotta be happy first, then rich second.

Second reason to have a website is because you get e-mails from readers that ask "when is your book coming out?" I love it when people email me and say I love your excerpt, when and where can I find your book? It's a thrill to see they are actually interested in something you are writing. That can do wonders when your in the midst of writing your next manuscript. I huge boost... I always tell them, I'm going to add your e-mail to my list and you'll be one of the first to know when it hits the shelves. And believe me, they will be one of the first along with my entire family, friends, neighbors, postman, grocery store clerk, children's teachers, my hair stylist, pretty much anyone I know and meet. ... I "so" can't wait for the day... You'll hear me scream all the way from New Orleans. So yes, get a website. If you can't afford a professional one, then just do a temporary one. Yahoo provides a template where you can type up to I think 200 words, it's really cheap. Do it if you are serious about writing. Oh, and keep it updated, very important.

FAST DRAFT UPDATE: Okay, tonight I have 18.5 pages to write. I wrote 1.5 this morning before work. Not bad in twenty minutes time.

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