Friday, August 24, 2007

No writing but watch the Saints kick butt!

Last night I was bad, I didn't write. But, it was worth it. I watched the awesome Saints kick some Chiefs butt.... (I have to make a correction on my last post, I thought they were playing against the Colts, but my hubby tells me NOT!! that will be on a Monday night, but not this monday) Well, what do I know... I have to say all the Saints Players looked great. I have to put a shout out to my favorite Saint "Scott Fujita" #55, Emmm... I love him!!! I'm mean look at that picture, he hit the guy so hard his helmet flew off...Emmm...Yeah, my husband knows, everytime I see him on the screen I sigh, and get that funny look from the man sitting next to me..., I can't help it.... I hadn't seen him play all pre-season because he hurt his foot on a water poor baby....I'd kiss it for him.......haha... Anyhow, I attached a few pics...and I will get plenty writing done tonight, maybe finish a entire chapter...

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