Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Remembering Katrina Part II

This morning the news was on and the newscasters were interviewing people, and showing new businesses up and running. It was great to see this. I try really hard to not venture into the devastated areas if I can help it. But, on occasions I have no choice. My husband and I own a construction company. We've helped re-build many, many buildings so hospitals, stores, clinics, and many businesses can put their workers back to work. It's been a really hard time, but to be honest keeping busy kept me going. All contractors around were so busy we didn't have time to think other than work. There were some who just sat back and did nothing, they were too out of it to jump in quickly and get back on the horse... Some of those are going out of business.

Well this morning and all week I've been hearing the 2 yr. anniversary is coming up, and here it is today. "2 years"... for many people it seems like 20 yrs. or 10 yrs. and to some it seems like just yesterday. Everyone's stories are different, like mine, like my family and my friends.

After I dropped off my daughter at school this morning I was on my way to work. I looked in my rear view mirror and what do I see? Flashing blue and red lights. I know, I know, it was my fault I was doing 30 in a 20, and I hadn't even realized it. He pulls me over, and then he proceeds to introduce himself. (I can't remember his name, it was a stressful moment) He said "hello, I'm officer so & so." I look up at him through my sun glasses. "Good morning sir."
Then he proceeds. "Mam', do you know you were doing 10 miles over the speed limit", I glanced at my speedometer as if that would help me out. "Really? No I didn't realize, I was just trying to dodge all the pot holes." He glanced at my dash board too, and then replied. "Yes. There are a lot of them. Can I see your license, registration and insurance papers." I stare at him and it took a second to absorb his words. "Oh. Okay, sure." I get all the stuff he asked for realizing I couldn't find my current insurance papers, now I'm thinking Oh Sh**!! I hand him the expired one. He looks over it and then glances back at me. "Make sure you don't speed down these side streets anymore. Have a good day."

I'm staring at him dumb founded. Duh. What just happened? The toughest city to get a ticket in, the meanest cops on the westbank, and this guy was a sweetheart. "Thank you," I said and then watched him drive away..... Now it hits me.... My heart thumps hard... If I would have gotten this ticket, it would have been my undoing. I felt my eyes swell with tears, my throat burned, I felt my pulse in my temples. I almost let myself crumble a little today, 2 years after Katrina... The cop saved me by doing a nice gesture and letting me off with a warning. "Thank you!" I feel blessed again, something so simple... This is life after Katrina... Still a little stressful, (or a lot depending on who you are) yet you keep telling yourself "I'm blessed." And I am....

And to be truthful, this is why I love to write and read, why I think millions of people write and read, we all want a fantasy world to escape to. Something to make us feel better when your having a bad day. "To be entertained"...I'm glad I found writing after Katrina, truly. I may not be great at it, but the journey it's taking me along the way is amazing. Oh, and the amazing people I've met in the short two years of writing, wow you'd not believe what great people!!!

p.s. RE: Voodoo Style~ I'm on Chapter 15, didn't finish as I hoped, but I'm still going to push myself. Hopefully before next week, the hubby & I are going to the coast to relax and take a break. --- I'm going to do a little blog at Myspace at well, but a different one. If you want to check it out go to http://www.myspace.dawntheauthor


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